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Cory Hylton & Kemar Drake earned the MBU FC Admin’s Special Players of January 2016

Kemar Drake & Cory Hylton are fine examples of Players on a Mission to Succeed. Their attitude and approach to work on the pitch is also seen in their day to day off-pitch activities.

As MBUFC Players both from Clarendon- training hard and having assigned chores as others do, Cory & Kemar lead the charge in ensuring their cabins (living areas) are clean, that they will cook for themselves & most times for fellow Team Mates who are in Camp…just always making the best of any situation and maintaining smiles, laughter & jokes….generally having a very positive outlook.

We suffered some flooding with heavy rains and Kemar, Cory were with a few others, involved in the clean up without having to be asked; other Players enjoy the meals prepared by “Fancy Rass” (Kemar) & “Yah-Yah” (Cory)…best porridge in the Camp….and resulting in high demand for their ‘boats’.

Both have showed remarkable improvement in their game and we believe they are comfortable in our setting at WespoW Park and enjoying themselves -playing the game they truly love….preparing themselves for greater things ahead.